Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Moneychase?

Compared with bank exchange, Moneychase offers a more flexible, fast and safe transfer. We have a more competitive exchange rate paired with low handling fees and high-quality services.

Does Moneychase have any transaction limit?

There is no minimum amount or a maximum amount limit. All transactions of the amount can enjoy the professional services provided by our company.

What foreign currency is available for transactions?

We can operate foreign exchange transactions for mainstream currencies such as the US, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Euros, Singapore and British pounds.

What is the exchange process for Moneychase?

Personal/company account opening application form will need to be filled and submitted. Once you have registered as our customer and started trading. You can check and lock in the current exchange rate, then transfer the money to the company’s designated bank account and provide the receiving bank account.

What personal information and documentation are required for exchange?

If you are opening a personal account, you will need to provide 2 personal identifications. For example, an Australian driving licence, Photo Card, Passport, etc. For company accounts, you will need the company’s ABN/ACN certificate, the company address and the legal person certificate of more than 25% of the equity. Our trading staff will then open an account for you after authorisation.

What can I do if I need to exchange currency urgently?

Moneychase has launched a fast remittance service. After the company has finalised with the remittance, it immediately remits the funds to the designated receiving account, and the funds will generally arrive within 24-48 hours.

How to ensure the safety of funds during the exchange process?

Moneychase is a legal operating company approved by the Australian Government and has a formal registration with the Australian Financial Transaction Reporting and Analysis Center (AUSTRAC). Your transactions and funds will be supervised and protected by AUSTRAC. We promise and will strictly abide by the personal information law to ensure the safety of customers’ personal information.

How to avoid losses caused by exchange rate changes?

Moneychase has launched the lock-in trading services which help customers reduce losses caused by missed trading opportunities. On the day of the exchange, you only need to obtain the latest exchange rate with our customer representative and lock it in. The transaction will be completed within the agreed time to enjoy the best exchange rate.

How to choose the best exchange time?

Moneychase will update the exchange rate in real-time on the official website every day to ensure that customers are provided with the most accurate exchange rate information. At the same time, customers can get in touch with our customer representative s to lock in the best exchange rate at any given time.

What if you’re not in Sydney/Melbourne, can you exchange money through Moneychase?

You only need to open a personal account of the official website for Moneychase to start trading, regardless of geographic restrictions.

What other services are provided by Moneychase?

For foreign exchange for studying abroad, cross-border transactions and other issues, please add our customer service WeChat or send an email to consult, we will have the most professional consultants to explain the relevant operating procedures for you one to one.